Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kyron Horman Missing Child - Unsolved Mystery Flyer

Please, print and post this flyer in your area.

Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School on June 4, 2010, after a teacher allowed him to leave with an unknown person, during a public invited Science Fair. The investigation has been botched from the early days, and Kyron left no trace of what happened to him. His stepmom, who has raised him since his early days, had toured the Science Fair with him, leaving to run errands after snapping pictures. Her alibi proves she was not at the school when he disappeared. There has been a methodical witch hunt, and by doing so, they have inhibited the investigation on finding Kyron. I am a firm supporter that they need to go back to Skyline School and follow the EVIDENCE and facts, and release the information to the public so that the REAL perpetrator can be discovered, and we can FIND KYRON FIRST. Sadly, the reality TV mentality has driven this case, with people creating rumors and gossip, passing it off as truth, when it's not.

Unfortunately, there are mentally unstable people who have inserted themselves into the Kyron Horman case, trying to get attention for themselves by creating false information, some under the assumption that they are going to make $$ in book deals. These same people have posted a link to my blog on porn sites, falsely claiming I am into bestiality and tawdry sexual practices, which is not true. They have stalked me in my hometown, attacked my children online while some of their own allegedly have been taken by the State or sit in prison for the crimes of murder, rape and drug use, merely because I vocally support Finding Kyron First, by following facts and not rumors. I lost my own nephew to a school vanishing 25 years ago, and I understand the pain the family goes thru. To have internet trolls and case drama queens inserting themselves attacking my blog as a way to silence my voice of reason proves that they really do not care about this sweet, young boy, Kyron Horman.

Find Kyron First.

Sorry if you were scammed to come here by my Facebook stalker. I'm just a disabled single mom, who writes a blog about enlightening human experiences that might touch the hearts and consciences of those who need to hear that real hope exists. When strangers on the internet spread false rumors, it says more about them, than me. And please, keep an eye out for this missing child. He is out there somewhere, and needs someone to recognize him. Namaste.

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